I Make Things Make Sense

I’ve been defining information spaces for 20 years. I create clarity in context. I’m also capable of alliteration.

Drawing on my experience as a writer, visual designer, interaction developer, content strategist and information architect, I add value to every phase of the development process, from ideation to testing.

So, really, what do I do? I brainstorm, strategize, facilitate, focus group, user test, sketch, wireframe, mock up, and prototype. I assess, analyze, annotate, audit, optimize, reuse, facet, and archive. I sort many a card, wield a red Sharpie, and develop multiple personas.

I have been creating order out of chaos, divining clarity amid confusion, and snatching meaning from the maw of muddles for quite some time now. I’ve gotten pretty good downright masterful at it! 🙂